September 29, 2014


The Self-Made Wardrobe Projet Month 1

Since it’s almost the end of the second month of the self-made wardrobe project, I figured I should probably get around to posting the first month’s wrap up.


August was the month of figuring out systems and routines for this project.

Creating a wardrobe building “plan.” Figuring out how to seamlessly take a photo every day, and then turn those photos into a post every week. A new laundry routine. A different kind of sewing & knitting practice.

Finding routines, making plans, figuring out systems, and streamlining thing – that’s what August was about.


How often did I wear what?

Black tank tops: 28 days
Floral Maxi Skirt: 11 days
Handkerchief Hem Circle Skirt: 8 days
Red & White Striped Pirate Skirt: 4 days
Black Maxi Skirt with Slit: 3 days
Jersey Wrap Dress: 2 days
Blue Kimono: 2 days
Black Racer Back Mini Dress: 1 day
Alice in Wonderland Skirt: 1 day
Gingham Skirt: 1 day


The Black Tank Top – my default.

The Floral Maxi Skirt – sort of took the place of jeans throughout August, easy to throw on and comfortable.

The Handkerchief Hem Circle Skirt & the Red and White Striped Pirate Skirt – I love both of these too, but they weren’t quite as easy to throw on as the floral maxi skirt.

Black maxi skirt with slit – adore. But the length really only works with flats.

Jersey Wrap Dress – I wore this on an overnight trip, I wanted something that was super comfy for the train ride, and that I wouldn’t mind wearing two days in a row.

Blue Kimono – this was one of the first pieces I made for this project, but I didn’t need it much in August.

Black Racer Back Mini Dress – I can’t believe I wore this with tights & the kimono on Day 3 – it was a cool/chilly day, but it was still August. I haven’t worn it more, because it’s a pinch to tight, so I want to add tuxedo stripes, and a touch more ease.

Alice in Wonderland Skirt – as much as I love this skirt, I have to be in the right mood to wear it.

Gingham Skirt – I finished this late in the month, it’s not my favorite piece ever, but I like it.


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The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made, for one year. You can read more about the project here.

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