I’m knitting again!

I’m knitting!!!

knit swatch

Sure, it’s not a lot of knitting, but it’s something. And after weeks of no knitting – it feels amazing! I’m swatching for a new sweater, Versio, by Ankestrick Designs, in three lace weight yarns, Fiber Space’s ‘Scrumptious,’ Sweet Georgia’s ‘Merino Lace,’ and Julie Aselin’s ‘Merletto.’
Getting gauge is proving challenging (mostly because I’m holding two strands together, instead of just one) and I’m very close to saying “fuck it” and reworking the pattern to make it work with my gauge, but I have one more swatch on the needles that may give me the correct gauge. Fingers crossed.

handspun yarn singles

I’ve also done some spinning. I pulled out the 100% alpaca that I started spinning 3 (!) weeks ago. Spinning a little here, and a little there. Mostly when I haven’t felt like futzing with getting gauge on my sweater.

The apartment is sloooooooowly coming back together, I’m hoping to get the sewing machine set up soon, so I can start sewing again for The Self-Made Wardrobe project.

Speaking of which,

the self-made wardrobe

I “officially” restarted the self-made wardrobe project on Friday! Whee!!
I’m excited, but mostly I’m trying not to be too concerned that August isn’t that far away from fall, and the weather turning cold (hence the sweater.)


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