June 16, 2014


The Moment of Wow…

The moment when you get to step back and look at what you’ve made with completely fresh eyes.

The moment you finish pinning out a shawl, and can actually see what you’ve made for the first time.

The moment you unpin a shawl and pick it up and it floats along after you.

The moment you finish a new garment, and put it on, and look in the mirror, and see yourself in a totally new way.

That’s why I knit.
That’s why I sew.
That’s why I make things.

Yes, I create because (for me) it’s almost more natural than breathing.

But I finish things for that moment of “wow.”

I’m addicted to beauty.
I’m addicted to stunning.
I’m addicted to jaw-dropping-wow.

And if I can create something that’s beautiful/stunning/wow-worthy…
It makes the last agonizingly long rounds of a shawl worth it.