I believe knitting is meant to be played with.


Shawls to Play With is an adventure.

Adventure. An adventure in expanding ideas and broadening horizons.
Curiosity. Opening doors that might have been hidden in plain sight.
It’s about seeing things, not only as they are, but also as they could be.
Elegance. It’s elegance. But not effortlessness.
Simplicity. Starting simply. Then getting even simpler.
Flexibility. It’s playing, experimenting, and questioning.
Seeing something. Then wondering “what if…”
Expansiveness. Playing with the idea.
Adaptation. Beginning with one thing. Then making it your own.

Shawls to Play With is about dancing within constraints.

adventure. curiosity. elegance. simplicity. flexibility. expansiveness. adaptation. play.

Play. Knitting is meant to be played with.


The Juicy Details:
– 1 PDF
– 28 pages
– 4 shawl patterns
– 32 photos
– 5 articles
– 1 final love letter
for $15.


You can get Shawls to Play With Here.

Or here on Ravelry.

These patterns are also available individually.
Gratia, Xylia, Yuki, Idril.


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