June 6, 2013


Wednesday Friday Mashup

It’s not Wednesday or Friday, but I have an FO/WIP mashup.



I’m busy working on swatches for the planned Shawl Geometry II. A bunch of the swatches are done, but there are still some more to go.

The current plan is to have Shawl Geometry II focus on subtracting from and dividing basic shapes to get new shapes, and then have a Shawl Geometry III that focuses on adding onto the basics. But that plan might change/get added to. Because Shawl Geometry II & III certainly weren’t in the original game plan.

Here’s the info about Shawl Geometry.

So instead of an FO tomorrow I think I’ll be talking about either why I knit, or the mess that comes from being a maker and trying to distinguish the “what I am” from the “what I do.”