It’s Here!

and I’m dancing around my apartment!

Shawl Geometry cover-large

It’s the ebook for the Shawl Geometry blog series.

You can learn more about the ebook, and buy it over here.

But why should I buy the ebook when I could just follow the blog?

A couple reasons actually.

  1. immediacy: you get the FULL Shawl Geometry series. Immediately.        The blog series is scheduled to finish the last week of July. When you buy the ebook you get it all right now.
  2. convenience: you can access it offline. Print pages to stick in your knitting bag, or scribble notes all over.
  3. ease: you don’t have to dig through tons of blog posts to find the shape you’re looking for. In the ebook they’re all in one place, right at your finger tips.

and for $23 it’s WAY easier than reinventing the wheel.

Or click here to get more information about the Shawl Geometry ebook.

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