Creative energy is up

Creative Energy Fortune

But what would happen if you* knew that creative energy was up all the flipping time?

*in this post you really means me, and (maybe) you too but only if you want it to

What would you make? What would you create?
What would you put out into the world that didn’t exist before you?
And that wouldn’t exist without you?

What if you thought creative energy was always up?
And that the variable was you* not it?


What if the variable in the equation

you* + inspiration + time = art

*remember, you meaning me, and you if you want it

wasn’t inspiration, or time, or creativity, or ideas, or your muse, or any one of a million other things? But rather the thing that changed and moved and shifted was you?
Then wouldn’t you* become the thing keeping your art from existing?


And with that little bit of fortune cookie inspired musing I’m going to go knit so that I have a better chance of having a knitting based WIP Wednesday for you next week.

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