Shawl Geometry I

Ever wonder how to shape that shawl?

Ever wonder if you could knit that shape?

Knitting any shape of shawl isn’t hard.
But figuring out all the math is a heck of a lot of work.

Work you don’t have to do. Since I’ve already done it for you.

Shawl Geometry I is a guide to knitting 16 common shawl shapes.

You’ll learn how to knit 16 different types of shawls. With written instructions, swatches & schematics to make things crystal clear.

The shapes covered:

The Square center out and Hem in
The Wedge Circle
The Pi Circle
The Circle with Concentric Circles of Increases
The Traditional Right Triangle
The Shallower Triangle
The Triangle with “Wings”
The Side to Side Triangle
The Square Edge to Edge
The Square on the Bias
The Rectangle
The Square with slit
The Circle with slit
The 3/4 Square
The 1/2 Circles
The Wedge Crescent

from Shawl Geometry I You’ll

: learn how to knit a ton of shawl shapes
: see new ways of using increases & decreases to shape your knitting
: gain the basic foundation for designing your own shawls
: add education & knowledge to your next shawl, and every shawl after that
: have shawl shapes to riff on and take anywhere you can imagine

What’s included in the book:

a 35 page PDF with full instructions
for 16 shawl shapes
with 23 swatches
plus 34 schematics
and easy to understand instructions with consistent language and pretty formatting.

The eBook included the FULL Shawl Geometry series.
—Beginning to end; square to crescent. Ready for you, right now. (buy now)

For $25 it’s WAY easier than reinventing the wheel.

How does this work?

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-Download the pdf, and save it to your computer, tablet, or USB drive.
-Open it up, and start knitting!

A 35 page PDF with full instructions for 16 shawl shapes. Includes 23 swatches plus 34 schematics, with clear, easy to understand instructions. (buy now)

And if you love Shawl Geometry I, Shawl Geometry II explores uncommon, unusual and unique shawl shapes to design and play with. You can find all the information about Shawl Geometry II here.