The Shawl Geometry Series

The Shawl Geometry Series is an ongoing  series of ebooks exploring the multitude of ways to shape shawls.

here now buttonShawl Geometry I: the math of shaping shawls for non mathy people, is first. It’s a book and blog series with instructions for the basic shawl shapes, as well as some common variations.

here now buttonShawl Geometry II: because 16 shapes wasn’t enough, is the second book, and includes instructions for 19 unique, uncommon, and rather funky shawl shapes.

here now buttonShawl Geometry III: the relationships behind the numbers, explores the relationships between shawl shapes, and how to turn one shape into another, because understanding the relationships in your knitting means you can manipulate those relationships, and by manipulating those relationships you can change and customize your knitting, exactly how you want. It puts more power and more control over your knitting, in your hands.

work in progress buttonShawl Geometry III: Mutants! takes shawl shapes from Shawl Geometry I + II then adds them together to create some seriously kooky shawls. circle + square = ???


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