Shawl Geometry Books Coming Soon

The Shawl Geometry Books –

fully revised 2nd edition coming soon!

Part knitting reference books, part shawl shaping masterclass, the Shawl Geometry Book Series walks you through how to shape and knit shawls an incredible variety of shawl shapes.

With crystal clear, easy to follow knitting pattern recipes – ranging from basic to advanced – the Shawl Geometry Books are perfect for any shawl knitter who wants to elevate their knitting skills.

What’s New?

Twice the Shapes

Over 60 total shawl shapes. Including all the standard Squares, Triangles & Circles. As well as Wedge Crescents, Doughnuts, Trapezoids,  Elongated Diamonds, and more.

New Variations & Varieties

Along with new shapes, more variations mean more options. All of the bottom up and top down variations you loved from the original Shawl Geometry Books. PLUS all sorts of new variations.

Plus Clearer Patterns

Rewritten, re-edited, clearer, cleaner, easier to follow patterns. Written to get you started knitting ASAP. With a layout designed to be easily read on a screen, as well as printed and tucked inside your knitting bag.

What are people saying?

“If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at design, her books are a fantastic resource. She covers everything from basic to complex shawl shapes, and a whole lot of mathematical concepts for people who want to really want to get into it.”

Ana Campos, Owner of Toil & Trouble Yarns, and Circle of Stitches

“…I am SO looking forward to your next ebook [in the Shawl Geometry Series], really they should all be part of every knitter’s library.”

Heidi, designer

“Each pattern includes tips for using the shape and shows a small sample of what the design looks like … You’ll discover variations on the basics and how different shapes sit on the body, which can help you design exactly the sort of shawl you want.”

Sarah E. White, Writer at

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Twice the shawl shapes. Fully revised and expanded. New variations & varieties. Plus clearer patterns.

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