September 2, 2015


switching up the color balance

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.


I started this granny square, origami, crocheted cardigan about 7 weeks ago, and I’m just about halfway though.

Well… I’m halfway through the total number of rounds.

Which means I’m very much not halfway through the crocheting.

But it does mean that I’m switching up the color balance.

The first half of the square (the inner rounds) was very heavy on the white, there are 18 rounds of white, to 5 rounds of grey. So for the second half my plan is to switch that up so there is significantly more grey to white.

I’m not sure what the exact ratio is going to be, but my goal at least is to achieve some sort of visual balance between the inner and outer parts of the square – while not ending up with a stark white cardigan.