September 1, 2015


thanks all around!! – The Self-Made Wardrobe Thank Yous

The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made for a year.
It was a year about making things and seeing what happens.

self-made wardrobe thanks

I’ve touched on this a little bit before, but there’s no way in hell I would have finished this self-made wardrobe project without stupidly high levels of support for this project from everyone.

From Sarah, Erika and Tara – who were the first people I told about the project, and instead of saying “um… that’s crazy, don’t do it” were all “YES!!! YOU COULD TOTALLY DO IT! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!”

To Isabel – the world’s best roommate! (No, but, seriously.)

To Dana – who never thought I couldn’t do it, and probably had more faith in myself than I did.

To Michele – who prodded & poked me into “just buying a stupid tripod already.” Plus, shoved a bag full of alpaca into my arms in disgust (after learning she does not do alpaca), which then turned into my handspun handknit sweater (she also let me use her electric spinner when I was all “how much damn fiber did you give me!!!”)

To Nancy – who cheered with me when I finished the final piece of my wardrobe, and who’s dinner date prompted me to finish it in the first place.

To Leslie – who gifted me 13 skeins of Misti Alpaca chunky 3 years ago, without which I would not have had a coat that could have gotten through last winter.

To all the sewing & knitting teachers I’ve ever had, and all the sewing & knitting lessons I’ve ever learned – including sitting through embroidery lessons at the kitchen table, and learning to use a seam ripper by ripping a hole in the dining room table’s table cloth.

To everyone who ever passed along yarn, fabric, or random piles of notions – some of those came in surprisingly handy!

And absolutely, most definitely to you, and everyone reading. To the commenters, regulars or first timers (Tahnee, Alicia, Melissa, Penny, Jane, Keren, zuperserena, Jeri, Christine, and everyone I’m inevitably missing!) And of course also to the loverly lurkers. Thanks for being here!!

Mwah! Thanks for all the amazing support!

(And to all the people I’m sure I forgot, extra thank yous to you too.)