September 8, 2014


Which mistakes can you live with?

What mistakes can you live with

We all make mistakes. (Obviously.)

And fortunately in knitting, (almost) every mistake is fixable.
(Apart from things like lighting your sweater on fire.)

But that doesn’t mean all mistakes need to be fixed.

I’m not advocating sloppiness,
because there’s no need for that.

But pure perfection is boring,
and usually unattainable.

Wafian has a spot where the boarder is garter instead of i-cord
– when I got distracted for a row.

Eirwen has a couple loose stitches near the beginning
– where the magic loop pulled a yarn over too large.

Izar has a couple stripes completely out of order
– where I forgot what I was doing for a bit.

Tumbling Deco was supposed to have a smooth boarder (like Mrs. Peacock)
– but I didn’t have the blocking wires.

When it comes to mistakes in my knitting my thinking is…

: if it’s structural, fix it.
(an incorrect stitch count, an off-center repeat, funky shaping, extra rows)

: if it’s cosmetic, it can stay – or get fixed – usually depending on my mood.
(a misordered stripe sequence, a different blocking method, an incorrect stitch that your eye glosses over)


So, which mistakes can you live with?

fixing my knitting