July 10, 2014


a week of laundry and chaos

Not a whole lot of knitting this week. Mostly it’s been more laundry and more packing. My living room is a nightmare, but the exterminator came yesterday and treated the apartment, so I can at least start unpacking things soon.


It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit into an apartment.

But I did get a little bit done.


And bonus points for matching the dress I’m wearing.

Because the apartment is a mess, and my desk is in the living room (the very center of the chaos) I’ve been working in cafes and parks whenever I get the chance.

monday morning writing

A little bit of Monday morning writing.
(I’m hoping to restart the Self-Made Wardrobe project again – soon!)

knitting pattern editing

And some late night pattern writing.

Here’s to hoping for more knitting time very soon.