January 29, 2014


a collection about possibility

knitting like a woman obsessed.

Riffing off of the idea of instant gratification from yesterday. I adore a project I can sink my teeth into.

A project that inspires nothing short of commitment, adoration, and borderline obsession.

A project to sink your teeth into.

It’s part of why I knit shawls, they aren’t quick by any stretch of the imagination, and they don’t requite piecing like most sweaters do. No second sleeve syndrome with a shawl. Just a beginning, and an end, with an expanse of fabric to play with in the middle.

I’m currently working on a collection that’s pulling out this kind of obsessed focus. The kind of focus where you can’t concentrate on anything else. The kind of project that has you staying up late and waking up early to work on it.

I see a small pattern collection accompanied by lots of writing.
A collection centered around simplicity, elegance, grace, drape, ease, flexibility, adaptability, possibility, experimentation, curiosity, and play.



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