January 22, 2014


eating up yarn. nom, nom, nom

I’m always working on some project or another, and most weeks I talk about what I’m working on Wednesdays as part of Tami’s WIP Wednesday project. You can see past WIP Wednesdays … right this way.


Half the works-in-progress from last week are sitting right where I left them, but the other half made progress in leaps and bounds.


I bound off the blue shawl shortly after taking the photos for last week’s post. Wheeeee!


The golden shawl is at the magical point where, it no longer needs to be magic looped, but hasn’t turned into a blob yet.


And the purple shawl is quickly eating up yarn (which I can’t say or think, without going nom, nom, nom) , while I contemplate edgings.


This was part of Tami’s WIP Wednesday project. If you’d like more WIP Wednesday posts, from other bloggers, visit Tami’s blog.