October 29, 2013


Knit like the wind. Rest.

I know many people do, but I don’t knit every day.
There was definitely a period of time where I did knit every single day, but it  doesn’t fit my life right now.
I prefer knitting for huge chunks of time, and then not knitting for a couple days.

Knit like the wind. Rest.
Knit like the wind. Rest.

I like being able to see the leaps of progress.
And when I try knitting for short periods every day I loose interest in my project very quickly.

Maybe I prefer knitting in large chunks because I knit shawls, and knitting a shawl 15 minutes at a time takes forever.
Or maybe I knit shawls because I prefer knitting in large chunks of time. And if you have to start a new project every time you sit down to knit, instant gratification projects are a little too instant.

There are still stretches when I knit every day.
But once I realized that wasn’t my preferred knitting rhythm,
I could stop making myself knit.
And I could find a new rhythm that worked better for me.