August 21, 2013


future fried brain knitting mishaps

I’m always working on some project or another, and most weeks I talk about what I’m working on Wednesdays as part of Tami’s WIP Wednesday project. You can see past WIP Wednesdays … right this way.


I’m always amazed I  make more progress something when I’m a) only working on 1 project, and b) actually spending time knitting. Who knew.



I’ve been alternating working like crazy to get Shawl Geometry II ready, and episodes of West Wing + knitting when my brain is too fried to function.

At this point I’m really glad I chose a very logical stitch pattern for this shawl, but am still keeping an eye on the chart, hoping to prevent any fried brain knitting mishaps. Of course now that I’ve said that…


Anyway, I’ve been working on getting Shawl Geometry II ready to release. It’ll be available next week, but I’m offering it to everyone on the Announce! Announce! list Friday while I finalize the last bits and pieces of the sales page.

If you’re interested in getting Shawl Geometry II first, sign up here.


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