November 14, 2012


WIP Wednesday: Keeping it all in the Air

I’ve never really been a monogamous crafter, I always have multiple projects going on. I like being able to pick up and put down projects as needed. If I’m stuck I like being able to put that project aside for a bit, or even if I’m not specifically stuck I can bounce from one project to another. Of course there are times when I like sitting down and focusing intensely on one thing. But even when I’m focused one project there’s always at least three or four other things happening in the background.

The problem with this method of course is keeping track of it all. Most of the time I’m pretty good at it, there are lots of lists, and post-it notes involved, but generally everything gets done in a timely enough manner.

Every once in awhile though something slips through, I’ll put a project down and forget to (for whatever reason) pick it back up. Which is exactly what happened with this shawl. I put it down because I needed to start the next chart, and then forgot about it.

For three weeks.


I thought I remember putting it down because there was some problem that I needed to rip back to fix, but I didn’t see anything when I picked it up to start knitting. Hope that doesn’t come back around to bite me.

Either way, I started the third lace section last night, and am speeding along on it, falling in love the the colors, and the yarn, all over again. I even remembered to stop at the end of a row (something I never do) so that I could spread it out, rather than show (yet another) shot of a brown and purple blob.

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