October 24, 2012


-1 +1 equals 3

WIP Wednesday two weeks in a row? Crazy.

First off, I ripped the beginnings of the red shawl, but have yet to restart it. And so, the ball has been added back to the pile of projects waiting to be started. The pile is growing at an alarming rate.

I’ve finished three sides, turned the corner and started down the last side of the border on my second Arrowhead Stole. If I don’t get distracted I could finish this week. If I get distracted, who knows (that pile of projects to be started is calling).

I (re)started a hat last night. I changed my mind about the original cable design and had to cast on again with fewer stitches. But now I’m rethinking this version and I haven’t even started the pattern yet. Fingers crossed I don’t have to restart again, but we’ll see how it goes.

This has been getting most of my attention this past week. A couple stripes every day and I’m now almost done with the diamond panel. (Not that you would know that there is a diamond panel from this picture, let along that I’m almost done with it). I have to see if I have a longer needle. If so, I’ll transfer the shawl and try to remember to snap a photo of it spread out.

Until next week?

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