August 3, 2012


Olympic Knitting

While I’m not actually participating in the Ravellinic Games (I want to get my WIPs under control not add to them) I do need something to knit while watching the Olympics. With 5 shawls and 1 sweater already on the needles I’ve got plenty of options. But my goal is to finish two of the shawls (plus 1).

The plus 1 is this shawl (Kora).

The knitting was down a couple weeks ago, but then it sat around until the first day of the games when I finally got around to blocking it. Which is why it’s the plus one. But in those couple of weeks I started writing the pattern in an attempt to get better at not letting pattern writing sit around waiting. That said I’ll be having this test knit soon, and if you’d be interested in test knitting let me know.

Over the past week of games I’ve been focusing on 3 of the shawls on the needles, in hopes of finishing 2 and getting 1 more very close to finished.

This new shawls without a name (I find naming patterns and projects one of the hardest aspects of designing), has been my primary travel knitting because it’s got a lot of garter, and very small, easy to memorize stitch patterns. I have about 750 yards of this handspun, and I’ll probably keep knitting ’till I’m out of yarn, partly because I love long shawls and scarves that you can wrap around multiple times, and partly because the yarn is handspun that has been sitting around for years and I want to use it all up.

Ghosts & Mirrors has grown a couple rows at a time. The key to working on this has been to knit like the wind while the commentators are commenting and the advertisers are advertising, and then to just stop knitting on it while the athletes are competing, otherwise I make far too many mistakes. But I’m still happy with how it’s going.

This shawl has gone on far too long. I’ve got 10 rows to go and I just want to get through it. This is what I get for knitting the same pattern twice so close together (this and Ponycorns actually overlapped for a bit). The beads are also slowing me down a lot! But hopefully I’ll get it done soon.

Neither Zodiac le Plume

or Lyda (maybe a name?)

have seen any progress. But once I get some of these other shawls off the needles I’ll get back to these two projects. I’m just trying to simplify my works in progress at the moment, and I’m moving in that direction but these are all big works in progress.