April 13, 2010


Modified 10kH

Inspired by Miss. Violet’s 10k hours project I’ve decided to re-attempt doing one (or in this case two) things everyday for an extended period of time. I’ve tried this in the past with little success after the first month or so. However, I’m hoping that by making this public and being held accountable, even if it’s only to a handful of friends, that this attempt will be more successful.

The first project is rather self explanatory, and rather easy to blog. Create one piece of art everyday. Track time. Blog. I’m using the term art very loosely. For example, finishing a complex knitting, embroidery, or sewing project totally counts as art. However, a stockinette cap doesn’t.

The second project is less self explanatory, and much harder to blog. Work on knitwear design paperwork for one hour everyday. Progress on this project will be much easier to quantify, but rather boring to blog. So I’m thinking that I might only update progress on this project once or twice a week.

I’m going to start this on the 15th. By then the show I’m working on will have opened and the kinks worked out, and there is a tiny bit of time between school deadlines to get this off the ground. At the moment I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be continuing this, but I’m hoping at least a year.