Shawls to Play With


I want to live in a world where we bring curious playfulness to our knitting.
I’m tired of seeing knitters feel trapped.
By their yarn. Or their pattern. Or their fear.

I want you to see your yarn as piles of possibility
and your patterns as tools.

Shawls to Play With is a collection of 4 simple shawl patterns designed to open up a new world of shawl knitting possibilities.

It’s for knitters who might find
tiny yarn + tiny needles + big project + crazy lace = a little-bit intimidating
(because, really, who doesn’t find that combo intimidating?)

On the surface it’s a collection of
4 shawl patterns
about simplicity, ease, elegance, expansiveness
and 5 shawly articles
on curiosity, play, flexibility, adventure.

But really this collection is the beginnings of a journey.

It’s about…
approaching your knitting with less fear, less agony, more play & curiosity.
Shawls to Play With is the beginnings of an adventure.

Buy your copy of Shawls to Play With for $15.
The adventure begins on page one.





You can also buy the book through Ravelry.
Or buy the patterns individually,
Gratia, Xylia, Yuki, Idril