The Perfect Transitional Sweater – Hopefully

Knitting Needles Hanging in the Air

I started knitting this sweater forever and a half ago.

It was actually September 17, 2011, and luckily I’m still (more or less) the same size I was 3 years ago.

I didn’t use a pattern, but the sweater is a basic top down, raglan sleeve cardigan, with slight waist shaping, stripes, a hood, some last minute ribbing, and a bunch of ends hanging about.

I’m hoping it’ll be the perfect transitional sweater.

Knitted Sweater-Back

It’s knit on a US 9s, out of Cascade “Greenland.” I couldn’t tell you what the colors are, or even how many balls of yarn I used – the ball bands are long gone.

Interestingly, my gauge hasn’t changed all that much in 3 years, but my knitting has gotten noticeably more even.

Knitted Sweater Front

I’m planning a metal zipper for the front. It’s unblocked, because I still need to knit the sleeves, and I’m guessing/hoping that blocking with give me the extra 2 inches I need to make the fronts meet easily.

Striped Knitted Ribbing

I added the ribbing as an afterthought once the entire body was knit. The original plan was for an all stockinette sweater with turned hems, but the turned hem was too bulky. So I ripped out the bind off and using a crochet hook, dropped down and then picked up each column of purl stitches.

It’s 4×1 ribbing, with 2 purl stitches at the center back, to make the numbers work out evenly.

Ragland Increases Close Up

I did raglan sleeve shaping, and plan on keeping the sleeves short, maybe with a white/green stripe and some ribbing, to keep the edges from rolling.

Hopefully I can finish this sweater up in the next day or two, because sweater weather is here, and this time it feels like it’s here to stay.


The Versio Sweater – a body, sleeves, and a change of plans

The weather is (finally) cooling down again here in New York, and it’s starting to feel like fall (again), so I took the opportunity to finish up the sleeves of my Versio sweater.

knitted sweater

The pattern is Versio by Ankestrick (here on Ravelry.)

I’m using a 4 different lace weight yarns:
1 skein of Julie Asselin’s “Merletto” – the blue
1 skein of Sweet Georgia’s “Merino Silk Lace” – the red
1 skein of Fiberspates’ “Scrumptious” – the gold
2 skeins of Cascade’s “Forest Hills” – the black

Holding 2 strands of yarn together throughout the entire thing, and knitting it on a US 8 (5.0 mm) needle.

I’m also adding the hood modification that Rililie on Ravelry wrote up.

colorful knitted sweater

The pattern is knit top down, seamlessly, and using the contiguous set in sleeve method. I had never head of this method for creating set in sleeves – but I might have fallen a little bit in love.

The armscyes are a little bit deep on me, so it does some funky pulling/puckering under the arm, but not badly enough to make it unwearable.

striped knitted sweater

The striping sequence has evolved a bit during the knitting process.

The original idea was to just use the blue, the gold and the red, working the stripe sequence you see on the yoke, for the entire sweater.

Turns out, I was going to run out of yarn really quickly if I did that – so I added the black, and planned on working the stripe sequence you see in the middle section of the sweater, for the entirety of it.

But I was still probably going to run out of yarn – so I switched to solid black for the bottom portions, and reintroduced the gold for the hems.

knitted hem

I’m a little ambivalent about the project right now.

I like it, but I originally wanted this sweater to fill the role of an easy to throw on – but not boring – works with jeans or a skirt, sweatshirt type sweater, in my self-made wardrobe, and that’s not what this is anymore.

Now, I’m seeing it as more of a sweater to wear with heels and dark wash jeans, still casual, but a piece that needs a little more effort to wear (and not end up being worn being worn by.)

I’ll see how I feel once I add the hood. But this sweater has definitely morphed into a sweater that is different than the one I originally planned.


The Versio Sweater – beginnings

I’m not a sweater knitter. I’m a shawl knitter.
I was a sock knitter for awhile.
I’ve knit some mittens. And some hats.
I knit a bag once. And a blanket.
Some stuffed animals. And a pair of slippers.

But I don’t really knit sweaters.
I’ve finished a total of 5.
I felted one.
And one needs a dropped stitch tacked down.
And one I might over dye.

So I have 3 that are wearable (one of which has a date with the dye pot.)
And one that has about 10 minutes of work on it.

knitted sweater

But I started another one last week.
Which brings me up to 5 sweaters on the needles.
(I’m not quite sure how that happened…)

The pattern is Versio by Ankestrick (here it is on Ravelry.) It’s a top down pullover, with continuous set in long sleeves (which are kind of totally brilliant!), and I’ll be adding the hood that Rililie on Ravelry wrote out.

knitted sweater sleeve

I chose it to fill the role of a sweatshirt in my self-made wardrobe. I wanted something light but warm, that would be easy to wear, but not boring to knit.

I’m holding two strands of lace weight yarn together (the pattern calls for one strand of lace weight) on a size US 8 (5.0 mm) needle.


I’m using 1 skein of Julie Asselin’s “Merletto,” 1 skein of Sweet Georgia’s “Merino Silk Lace,” 1 skein of Fiberspates’ “Scrumptious,” and 1 skein of Cascade’s “Forest Hills.”


I’m hoping most of 1 skein of each will be a enough. Everything (except the Cascade), is from some swatching I was doing for my LYS, so I have one almost full skein of each.

I’m beginning to have my doubts that this will be enough yarn on it’s own. If it’s not,  I’m planning on doing the lower portions of the body and sleeve in the solid black Cascade.

I’m at the waist now and zooming towards the hem, while still trying to work out how I ended up with *5* sweaters on my needles…

(please tell me I’m not the only one who finds it amusing that I have the same number of sweater WIPs as I do FOs.)