Administraaavia! Shawls and Moves

Administraaavia!- the administrative bits and pieces. Except exaggerated, with a silly hat and a feather boa. Which makes it not so boring.


thing 1: Lapidarius

Lapidarius now available through the Verdant Gryphon! YAY!

Grab the pattern, pick up some yarn, and have fun knitting.

Thing 2: Website move

Well, I’m aiming for more of a meander or a shift, than a MOVE. Because I’m kind of over moving for awhile (4 moves in 8 months will do that to you). So it’s a website shift from to just

The old site should be redirecting to seamlessly to the new one, but if you run into any dead ends or stuckness, let me know.

Thing 3: this week’s shawl geometry Post

Because of the website move shift there are a bunch of people subscribed to the old blog, who aren’t currently subscribed to the new one. It takes a bit of time to move shift their subscriptions from the old site to the new site.

So I’m holding off on this week’s Shawl Geometry post for a couple days, until this shift happens so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


ALSO I cast on a new shawl last night, that 1. isn’t my pattern (yay!) 2. is going really fast! (double yay!) and 3. is beautiful, simple and puuurty (yay! yay! yay!). All of which means that Wednesday will have knitting! (capslock YAY!)





I’ve got a bit of Administraaavia!* piling up. So in no particular order:

Thing #1 Newsletter

aka emails from me to you about non boring stuff!

Stuff like announcements of new patterns or new products (such as my Shawl Geometry ebook coming stupidly soon). Special patterns or sales just for you. Or other awesome things (photos, articles, blog posts, books, etc.) that I find really, really, super, super awesomely inspiring and interesting.

You can sign up for emails straight from me to you over here!

Thing #2 Ravelry Group

There’s a Ravelry group for my designs over thisaway!

If you’re a member of Ravelry come play! We’re currently in the final stretch of a KAL for my Kora pattern.

But if you have questions about a pattern or want to knit along with us (on Kora or another pattern) that’s a great place to ask.

Thing #3 More Writing

More words. Definitely about knitting, but also about art and creativity and designing. The process of making things and about trusting that process, trusting your process. Musings on the traditional divisions between art and craft and design, and how I’m not positive those divisions work anymore. Maybe more fortune cookie wisdom (I’ve got some really good fortune cookie fortunes.) More technical stuff, along the lines of Shawl Geometry. I’ve got a blocking wire review waiting for editing, and some ideas on knitting with handspun or very special yarn of limited quantity.

Just more writing. I don’t knit small objects and I don’t knit fast objects. So I feel that just photos of what I’m knitting gets boring after awhile, especially those weeks when I don’t have a lot of time to knit.

There will still be about what I’m knitting, with pictures (because who doesn’t like pictures) but there will also be other stuff. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

(All that being said, I do have a shawl FO post for tomorrow. Who said I had to follow my own advice anyway. 🙂 )

*Administraaavia!- the silly boring administrative bits and pieces except exaggerated, with a silly hat and maybe a feather boa. Which makes it not so boring.