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Through the final stockinette section, and onto the bind off, of the never ending shawl. I’m using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, so it might take a bit.

IMG_2379 IMG_2365
Writing up the patterns for the pile of shawls on my desk. Though the grey & yellow shawl is Izar, and just likes hanging out on my desk.

Knitting sample returned. I love getting knitting sample back, because it gives me a chance to fall in love with the piece all over again. This one is the glasses case from Sara Barbour’s “Stitching in the Stacks.”

All the swatches! One for a shhhhh (secret) project. One for a shawl to work on once the never ending shawl ends. Some for a new Shawl Geometry Book. And the rest because even after two posts I still have more to say about binding off for shawls.

4 Responses to bind offs, pattern writing, samples & swatches

  1. I never get tired if reding your blog. Always helpful and interesting and FUN

  2. I really enjoy your email updates. Why> They are short! but informative & interesting. Concise. Does not involve too much work! lol, time I’d rather spend on knitting or other things. I appreciate that!

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